Transformed by the Power of God
Luke 19:1-10

Zacchaeus’ Reality (vs.2-4)

a.       Position
b.       Prominence
c.       Possessions

The Master’s Response (vs. 5)

a.       Urgent Call “Make Haste”
b.       Unmistakable Call

1.       “Come Down”
2.       “Today I must abide in your House”

Zacchaeus’ Reaction (vs. 6)

  1. Obedience
    1.       “He Made Haste”
    2.       “He Came Down”
  2. Open Heart
  3. Obvious Joy - “He Received Him Joyfully”

The Crowd’s Reaction (vs. 7)

   “Everybody that you count, you can’t count on”

Zacchaeus’ Response (vs. 8)

      There was Confession
      There was a Change       

The Master’s Response (vs. 9)

      The Mercy of Christ

The Master’s Teaching (vs. 10)

     The Mission of Christ