Who’s Your One Emphasis
September 8 - October 6

Middle School 5th Quarter
September 26

Heritage Festival
September 28

Best Timer Trip to Natchez/New Orleans
September 30-October 5

Bring Your One Sunday
October 6

High School 5th Quarter
October 11

CBBA Annual Mtg.
October 19

Best Timers Day Trip
Storytellers Hideaway Farm & Museum
October 29

Trunk or Treat
October 31

Preschool Pajama Party
November 4

Harvest Sunday
November 17

TBMB Summit
November 19-20

AIM Christmas
December 8

Best Timers Day Trip
Bellevue Singing Christmas Tree
December 10

Worship Choir at Christmas
December 15

Carols and Candles
December 24

Thanks to Black Eye Photo-Graphic for the Photos

We at FBC are especially grateful to have the opportunity to share with 160 children this Christmas. The giving continues. Thanks to all of the SS classes and individuals who shopped to make this possible. Thanks to all who came and greeted the families with joyful smiles and warm fellowship during pickup.