Best Timers
Mallard’s and a Movie

January 15

Family Ministry Day
January 21

Knights and Ladies
Mother/Son Event
January 26

West TN Ministers of Music Concert
Best Timers Meeting

February 5

The Youth Project
February 8-9

Upward Celebration
February 10

Daddy/Daughter Dinner
February 19

Disciple Now
March 1-3

West TN Evangelism Rally
March 3

If Gathering
March 16

Reach the Beach 5K
April 6

FBC Bible Drill
April 10

CBBA Bible Drill
April 14

Children’s Flashlight Egg Hunt
April 19

Preschool Egg Hunt
April 20

Thanks to Black Eye Photo-Graphic for the Photos

We at FBC are especially grateful to have the opportunity to share with 160 children this Christmas. The giving continues. Thanks to all of the SS classes and individuals who shopped to make this possible. Thanks to all who came and greeted the families with joyful smiles and warm fellowship during pickup.